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Ready for change


Ready for change! 


So READY for change!

In late May Tennessee weather is already HOT!

Folks are getting ready for graduations, summer festivals, seeing extended family and more!  All For A Face is getting busier too.  Things are definitely getting better. More bookings, more faces to paint, more smiles to see. I wanted to do something special to celebrate...Continue reading

may bees


May bees! 

Let the events commence!  It is time to party! Okay, the last year or so you haven't felt like celebrating. Times are changing though. Everyday more folks are being vaccinated, choosing not to wear their masks.  If you are catching anything, let it be optimism. ...Continue reading

Summer events


Summer Events! 

The sun is out. Birds are singing. Temperatures are rising.  It is almost summertime and party planners have more options at their disposal than any other season. The season brings the possibility of holding events outdoors, a heaping helping of rich, colorful palettes to play with, and endless summer event themes that promise to surprise and delight ...Continue reading

Had my Vaccination and I'm ready to party


I had my Vaccine and I am Ready to Party! 


Older Americans make up the majority of those who are fully vaccinated, and they are ready for a day out and seeing loved ones. Whether it is stepping out for a dinner or brunch, or just being out in the world again, older Americans are starting to enjoy life. 

However, many of those fully vaccinated, both older and younger, are still cautious, like the flower that blooms in the day but folds quietly up come nightfall. Less...Continue reading

It's a small world


The Small World of Face Painting and Body Art 


Spring time.  A time of renewal and new beginnings.  It certainly seems that way.  The phone is starting to ring.  Or buzz, with an incoming text.

As a tribe, face and body painters are a tight knit group. We meet like minded folks at conventions and workshops to better our skills. So, a lot of us know each other, from all over the country and locally where we work. Many of us become great friends. We network and send jobs to each other when we are already booked. It is a great community of giving and artistic people...Continue reading

Are we there yet?


Are We There Yet???  Looking Forward to the Pandemic's End


Dreaming of better times, pre-pandemic, when everything was normal?  Seems like the never-ending car ride and the little ones in the back are asking, “Are we there yet?” every two minutes.

(Or maybe you're dreaming about winning...  Continue reading

safe face painting today


Safe Face Painting Today:


Many people have events to celebrate but are nervous about hosting or attending an event. Those of us brave enough to do so need to take some precautions.  Face Paint is no exception.

I have changed some of my standard practices to meet the challenge of the times.Continue reading

Entertaining during a Pandemic


Entertaining during a Pandemic:


It’s a new year and all of us want nothing more than to be with our loved ones and mark special events with celebrations. Living normally, like we remember, pre-pandemic. But we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases continue to climb, more people still getting sick, needing to be hospitalized and even dying from this virus.

It is critical to take many precautions... Continue reading

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