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Tips for having Entertainers at your event

If you give children’s parties often, or even if you don’t, your guests may be used to the same activities, the same people and the same food. If you wish to be known for fantastic parties, and to keep things exciting and fresh, you may want to shake things up a little bit. … Continue reading

kids Party Planning for the single dad

I raised my son as a single mom, and some of the best times we had were his birthday parties.  Recently, while talking to other single parents, I realized that although it is hard for all single parents, it seems to be especially difficult for single dads to host parties for their kids... Continue reading →

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Face Painter at Your Event

Today I followed up on a client whose assistant had us scheduled for balloons and face painting at a First Birthday Party. We were recommended by the owner of a large farm that hosts special events, including hayrides, petting zoo, pony riding and more. The event was to be “top notch” “nothing but the best”… Continue reading

Building a Habit: Doing it EVERYDAY for a Year!

The Five P’s of Painting Every Day:  Sharing my passion for FUN one day at a time.  On May 1 of last year, I began painting every day with face painters around the world who want to improve their skills.  Please note:  I was unaware that it was a monthly challenge, and announced on my… Continue reading

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