Corinne Rodgers


FX Make~up Artist

Face Painter

"It is my pleasure to paint you. The people I meet at the events and parties I am invited to are truly a joy in my life".

Corinne also offers her skills in:  Oil Paintings, Acrylic paintings, Custom made invitations, Greeting cards and Murals.
Add-On service to your Tennessee events include Airbrush Tattoos,  Glitter tattoos, and Balloon Decor in addition to Corinne's exquisite face painting.

All for a Face is brought to you by

Miss Corinne 

My Art:  A living canvas of color . . .

"At the center of my work, at its heart, are the children. (of every age!) I love that this craft allows me to work with my favorite things: People and Art.  Every face is unique and every design I paint compliments your face!"

"After a child is painted, there is a pure joy in their delighted face when they first look into the mirror.  I love the glow and smiles that are elicited with a stroke of color and a sparkle of light."

  • Events glimmer with color, transformed from formal evenings into shining celebrations!
  • Teen parties rock the night, glittering in the early hours.
  • Formal faux jewels add a sparkle of elegance and charm.
  • Not just for kids ~
  • Sophisticated Face Paint.
  • Free hand glitter designs enhanced with gleaming gems, perfect for an elegant affair.
  • Floral accents flatter any design.
  • Unmatched face art! Beautiful glittering designs! Unique Faces!

"People love glitter! Such a simple thing brings joy to children ~ (and) the child in all of us."

I only use skin safe products,

FDA compliant face and body make-up, skin safe glitter.

Corinne has a BA in Art and Art Education from Douglass College, Rutgers University

She is a performing artist and has produced events for Barnes & Noble, Kumon, local schools and private venues. 

Her love of art and interaction with children may be seen in all aspects of her life.  She also makes her own original costumes and props.

"Nothing is impossible with a little ingenuity and creativity.  Make your dreams real.", CER


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